To study various aspects of park development and redevelopment - South Africa, France, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, USA

At the time of his fellowship, Bill was Director, Parks & Recreation, City of Launceston.

In 1989 Bill retired from full-time with the Launceston City Council to become a private consultant. GOOTAS landscaping. He returned in 2013 to assist the current mayor in the digging up of a time capsule which 25 years prior he had been a party to burying.



Some of the key aspects that Bill wanted to view in the places he visited related to park developments in association with traffic movement changes in urban areas. He was also keen to see regional park system and features, were they provided for, what administration was involved. At the time Launceston was in a sense a provincial city which provided several ‘regional;’ features with the Tasmanian Government and the City Council and was about to commence major changes to road system.

Bill believed that there were significant benefits for Launceston & other Tasmanian areas as a result of his fellowship and having had an ear to other developments and a voice to share his findings. At the time he was on the design team, with the Launceston City engineer, City Architect & Administrative manager.


Some benefits included – The southern outlet road into Launceston with its substantial landscaping and sound attenuation walls (sound absorbency landscaping); the Bathurst St extension into Royal Park & the redevelopment of Royal Park. The development of the Brisbane & Quadrant Malls & the Civic Square, each a major achievement and focused on Launceston’s garden image and reflected on examples seen overseas. The Heritage Forest Launceston germinated from impressions of the black forest Munich and its recreational opportunities in the heart of the city. The City Park Monkey Island was an initiative developed after viewing a ‘modern’ feature park for animals display in Europe.

In semi retirement Bill has spent some 200,000 km criss-crossing Australia with his dog and old Hi-ace to outback areas. He has fitted in 8 or 9 trips on yachts as crew between Tasmania & Cairns QLD
He has worked on private & public projects at home in Bridport and has helped complete the Bridport Golf Clubs irrigation with recycled water, mostly as a volunteer. There have been a myriad of other community and personal jobs.