The Park Family Churchill Fellowship to investigate school to work apprenticeship pathways in the European salmon aquaculture industry - Norway, UK

Steve Harrison is the Aquaculture Trainer and leader of the Year 11/12 Educational Programs at the Huon Valley Trade Training Centre. Steve has worked as a trainer in aquaculture for over 10 years and works in close partnership with Tasmanian salmon companies Tassal, Huon Aquaculture and Petuna. Together with the Beacon Foundation the companies have worked together to create pathways to employment through the use of Australian School-based Apprenticeships



Both Norway and Scotland have well-developed and extensive programs which directly connect the final years of schooling with employment and apprenticeship pathways in Aquaculture.
Steve’s fellowship enabled him to find out how these models are implemented on a national level, and how sustainable partnerships between schools and employers are maintained on a local level. Learnings from this fellowship will enable Steve and the Tasmanian industry to further refine their model and create more employment opportunities for young Tasmanians in regional areas.


When he’s not at work maintaining the HVTTC’s aquaculture systems almost seven days a week, Steve likes to spend his time on the water as a competitive sailor. Steve and his team campaign his Thompson 7 sports-boat Temptation in major regattas on the east coast of Australia.temptation