To conduct meaningful research into age care facilities which will assist in designing for dementia - UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway

Stephen is a practicing, registered architect based in Tasmania and has been involved in the construction industry at varied levels for over 25 years. The past 14 years he has progressed from a certified building designer to holding a masters of Architecture and becoming a registered architect. His current position is founding director of Cykel Architecture. Cykel is a dynamic and innovative architectural company offering a unique design experience. The firm approaches each project with entrepreneurial flair and individuality. (cykel is Danish for bike) They are defined by our creativity and our ability to convert new ideas into affordable, inventive design solutions. We currently have active projects in Tasmanian, Victoria and New South Wales As



The Churchill fellowship allowed Stephen to travel to Stirling University, Scotland where he participated in a design for dementia course lead by experts from the Dementia Services Development Centre. Equipped with contemporary knowledge he then under took travel to the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Denmark where he was able visit world leading dementia villages, apartments and homes, meet with care suppliers, architects, occupational therapists, professor’s, doctors, academics and people living with dementia.


With his new acquired knowledge and new found international friendships directly assisted by his Churchill fellowship he has developed strategic partnerships with international based architectural firms, The Wicking dementia research and education center and national age care suppliers to assist in the delivery of much needed dementia friendly design within the current age care sector.
Stephen and his family live in and love Hobart. The family home is nestled at the base of Mount Wellington 10 minutes from the cbd of Hobart and its stunning river Derwent. he says “We live an enviable lifestyle. Mountain biking and trail running is my thing. Mount Wellington and the surrounding hills are my backyard in which I play either on my bike, on the trials running or with my family. Practicing architecture is not merely a job but a way of life. I am a creative problem solver choosing to use my professional and life experience to assist and benefit others more vulnerable to live a full and enriched life.”