Studying radio and television systems and religious programming in Europe, United Kingdom, America & the Pacific

Dr McKinnon graduated from Sydney University in 1959 and from the United Faculty of Theology at St Andrew’s, University of Sydney in 1962. Following ordination and his first parish at Bega-Eden he was for 9 years an officer of the ABC producing and directing in radio and television for the current affairs, religious and education sections. He spent his last ABC year in Sydney directing the popular ‘Behind the News’ current affairs program for schools.



It was during his ABC years Russ travelled as a 1971 Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow studying radio and television systems and religious programming in Europe, United Kingdom, America and Asia. Some of his recommendations for change arising from this experience were put into effect by the ABC. He has great regard for the Churchill Memorial Trust and states that “The experience I gained from my Fellowship gave me a much wider understanding and perspective of how humans in varying cultures communicate with one another. It was an invaluable experience for which I am deeply grateful”.


Russ entered academic life 2 years after the fellowship lecturing for 17 years at Warrnambool Campus of Deakin University and gaining a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy both from Schools of Management in the area of Human Commmunication. In the last eleven years of his working life he returned to the Parish Ministry of the Presbyterian Church at St Ives in Sydney.
Russ also has a long history of service to the ecumenical community including service to N.S.W. Ecumenical Council over a number of years. He has been a member of St Andrews College Council for many years until retirement.