To study techniques and developments in biological preparation and the conservation of maritime archaeological and archival materials using advanced freeze-drying processes - USA, UK, Denmark

Worked as Senior Preparator/Scientific Officer at the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery in Launceston for 28 years.
Elected as Alderman for the City of Launceston in 2007 and served for seven years before retiring.
Co-founded Reptile Rescue Incorporated in 1999 currently serving on the executive.
Currently Chair of the Launceston College Association.
Interests are remote dessert exploration, snakes, photography and grandchildren.



Awarded Churchill Fellowship in 1982 and went to the UK, Denmark and USA to study freeze drying technology pertaining to biological, botanical and archaeological material and was away for three months.


The Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery became the centre of excellence for freeze drying scientific endeavour in Australia and broadened the parameters to include police forensic science.
Was instrumental in obtaining a conviction in a murder trial about 1989 where water logged evidence was successfully restored naming the perpetrator.
Undertook commissions from all over Australia including several disasters where flood damaged archival material was successfully recovered. The Museum’s freeze dryer is still operational to this present time and is accessible to the public and government agencies.