To study medical history and pharmacy displays at significant museums - UK, USA

Married to Carmel, we have 4 adult children who give us technological advice when needed. After completing Uni, we tried the mainland and decided Tassie was the best place to live in the world. I have been a GP for forty years and still going. I’ve enjoyed walking, cycling and travelling overseas. I have collected medical history memorabilia, equipment, books and amazing objects which now occupy three or more rooms in temporary accommodation.



I got the travel bug in 1995 when the Churchill Trust gave me the opportunity to visit many medical history museums in the US and UK. As only a few people are interested in the items I have collected, I wanted to see how the collection could be preserved and kept for future generations.I was interested to learn how objects from the museum could be used to tell stories about the amazing growth of medical knowledge over the past 150 years.


The Fellowship has given me the enthusiasm to mount many small displays over the past 20 years around the State covering a wide variety of topics. Some items have had long sojourns in Port Arthur, Richmond and medical institutions. With professional help, I’ve put on displays at national conferences and temporary venues. I have continued to visit many astonishing museums over the years. I have given talks at many different venues which have given me the opportunity to share my passion and promote the value of Churchill Fellowships.