To investigate studies into renal diseases and renal centres where practical work is carried out in this field - USA

I am a member of the medical profession and I have had an ongoing interest in politics and was on the Hobart City council for more than twenty years including periods as Lord Mayor and Deputy Lord Mayor and in that time was responsible for the concept and development of Taste of Tasmania.



My fellowship was to go to a series of American hospitals to look at ways of early diagnosis of infective kidney disease in young girls with the object of preventing severe kidney disease in late life. This led to the routine screening of young girls as they entered school with significant reduction in morbidity.
While in Los Angeles I saw a system which enabled ambulances transporting patients with heart attacks to communicate to hospitals and with the later assistance of Heart Foundation grants this was developed into a telemetry system enabling the patient to be monitored from my Coronary Care unit while being transported and treatment including defibrillation if their heart stopped to be undertaken while they were being transported to hospital and was the start of treatment of patients outside hospital by ambulance personnel.


Since then I have continued in medical practice in both as a consultant physician and running the dialysis and transplant unit at the Royal Hobart Hospital.
In collaboration with my wife we have run two art galleries the first specialising in contemporary Australian art and the second in studio glass and ceramics.