To investigate land use planning approaches for the establishment and facilitation of urban agriculture - UK, Cuba, Canada

I recently (September 2015) took up the position of Policy Director at the Local Government Association of Tasmania. This move came after almost 11 years as the Principal Planner and Team leader for Planning & Environment at the consulting firm Pitt & Sherry.

I have two children, Abbie and Archie. Abbie the eldest was almost 2 went I went on my fellowship and she and my partner Kate accompanied me for the journey.



I travelled to Vancouver, Havana, Brighton (in the UK) and Berlin to study urban food systems, with a particular focus on land use planning and food system planning more generally.


On my return I spoke at a number of forums and met with a number of local community groups on topics related to food security, food systems planning and urban agriculture. T was an interesting time in Tasmania with regard to food security, as the first Tasmanian Food Security Strategy was being prepared by the Food Security Council.

I look forward to further applying what I learned on my Fellowship in my new role.