To study the development of improved long–range forecasts of extreme weather events, and to assess their potential usability, application and appropriate methods of communication for use in Australia – Sweden, UK and USA.


Chris White is a research scientist and engineer with 10 years’ experience of conducting research into the understanding, impact and predictability of extreme weather events. His core interests lie in helping to make communities safer and more resilient to extreme weather events – such as the Queensland floods in 2011 and the 2013 heat waves and bushfires – including better preparedness for emergency situations and long–term climate change.

Chris was part of the Climate Futures for Tasmania project – a detailed climate change project for the state – that won the Education, Training & Research category of the Resilient Australia Awards in 2012 from the Attorney–General’s Department.

Chris currently works as a research scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology, based at CSIRO in Hobart, where he is helping to develop long–range forecasts of extreme heat wave events for Australia. He intends to use the information he gains during his Fellowship to extend his research into the development of innovative end–user focused applications and services to help increase community awareness and resilience to extreme weather events across Australia. He has lived in Tasmania, Australia, with his partner Caroline since 2008.



Study trip planned for April/May 2014.