7th September marks the date of the death of the last known thylacine, and this year it’ll be 80 years since that sad day. This year in Tasmania, we’re exploring the theme of ‘Extinction Matters’, but we want to do it in a positive way – by celebrating the biodiversity we’ve got. And as David Attenborough says, ‘No one will protect what they don’t care about, and no one will care about what they have never experienced’.

So – we are hosting two 30-hour BioBlitzes early in September, marking Threatened Species Day, and we’d love you to help us encourage people to participate – or better still, join in yourselves!

A BioBlitz is a ‘festival of science in nature’ – an effort by the community, working with scientists and naturalists, to discover and record as many living things as possible within each site for a set period (30 hours in this case). We’ll obtain new information for each site, while sharing the joy of science in general and the discovery of our local biodiversity in particular.

You can visit stalls with information on plant and animal species from the site, and participate in surveys throughout the 30 hour period, to help find as many species as we can. Join experts for a dawn bird survey; see what you can spot during surveys for species such as orchids, mosses, beetles through the day; help set camera traps to be checked the following morning, and choose various bat, owl and moth activities through the night.

The first, in Hobart, is on 2nd-3rd September, while the second, in Latrobe, is on 9th-10th September. More details are on our website http://extinctionmatters.com/